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Laguna Phuket Shopping
  Conveniently located within Laguna Phuket, Canal Village is a beautifully landscaped, shopping village comprising 30 or so boutique outlets. Banyan Tree Gallery has 11 outlets within Laguna Phuket and specialises in tribal art, contemporary art pieces and resort wear. Both Canal Village and all Banyan Tree Gallery's outlets can be easily reach from each hotel by free inter-resort transportation both shuttle bus and ferry which operate on regular schedules throughout the day.

Canal Village

Canal Village is a stylish shopping centre, designed to provide Thailand's most beautiful crafts, clothing and souvenirs to the discerning visitors of Laguna Phuket. Shop for the very finest Thai silk products. Select the perfect resort wear for Laguna Phuket's balmy climate. Choose decorative gift ware, or genuine Thai antiques. The stores at Canal Village include Jim Thompson silks, traditional arts and crafts, quality tailors, boutiques, photo developing, money exchange, mini-mart, bakery, pub and café in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Banyan Tree Gallery

Banyan Tree Gallery offers resort guests an alternative shopping experience. The Gallery is not a mere retail outlet. It is a lifestyle oriented gallery showcasing indigenous handicrafts, offering everything from souvenir items to limited edition apparel.

Other Facilities

In addition to Canal Village and the Banyan Tree Galleries, you can find a selection of traditional Thai products at the shops in each of the Laguna Phuket hotels.

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